Obama Ramps Up Genocide Against Americans

Obama’s rules of engagement for Americans in Afghanistan: don’t shoot!

What does Obama hate most in the world? American VICTORY.

There can be little surprise that American casualties are now soaring, in Afghanistan, Obama’s war.

Obama will send thousands more of America’s sons and daughters into Afghanistan, with strict orders NOT TO FIGHT, and not to make a victory there.

Obama cannot function as a commander-in-chief of American forces, as was well anticipated in the United States Constitution, because Obama is something other than American.

What we have from Obama is NOTHING to prove that he is more American than terrorist; and since Obama openly eschews American victory, there can be little doubt where his sympathies really lie.

Obama wants to kill Americans freely in Afghanistan, and blame the deaths on his predecessor.



Obama’s New Airline Czar

To help with important decisions like when to release Arab mass-murderers from excessive prison sentences of over 24 hours, Obama has announced his new Airline Czar appointment:

New Obama Airline Czar

New Obama Airline Czar

Obama needs a kiss-butt supporting staff as he plans to approve release of a WHOLE BUNCH of his brother Arab terrorists (starting soon at Gitmo) like this gentle fellow Megrahi:

How many Americans did Megrahi kill? He was just doing Obama a personal favor, apparently.

H/T: Investigating Obama Pundits Agree: America (at least Obama) Knew About Lockerbie Bomber’s Release Beforehand

The only problem is, who could POSSIBLY believe Obama is an American?

Failed System, or Failed President?

Failed system, or failed president?

Failed system, or failed president?

In Obama’s bygone glory days, days now rapidly receeding into the insatiable sewer called socialist history, Obama loved to describe America’s economic system as a failure, and America’s constitution as a substantially flawed document.

Obama has about 15 minutes before his Journalist pals get a clue as to who really is failing. The kindest fate Obama can hope for, after that, is a quiet funeral with just a few close friends like Reverends Wright, Pfleger, and the stalwart Ayers family; and maybe a job on the peanut farm ’til it’s time.

He’d be lucky, in that case. You see, Obama has never had a real job. It is doubtful Jimmy Carter would hire him, for a host of other reasons too, which reasons I will leave to your imagination.

Now here is a failure.

Obama Totally Sucks Factor Exploding

Obama popularity thins out fast

Obama popularity thins out fast

From 14% a few months ago, now 42% of voters think Obama totally sucks . . .

A few die-hard users still fly Air Obama, however . . . hang on for a rough landing.

Nightmare Trip nearly over

Nightmare Trip nearly over

Obama’s Clunker

Probably 1 or 2 million GM 454 cubic inch engines transport food and goods around the country and around the world. Possibly Obama has a better idea than transportation (it might rhyme with death, though; and he approves of that generally; Obama is on a mission from God). If anybody can comment on the number of these engines manufactured and still running, which engines are hated by Obama, please do.

I have one such engine. For 15 years, I have maintained this masterpiece of an engine with SYNTHETIC OIL changes for its crankcase. And the engine has maintained me. I have no doubt the engine will operate brilliantly and perfectly for another 125,000 miles.

Here is the Obama LAW: we will take this perfectly designed, constructed, and maintained engine, the masterpiece servant of man, pour saltwater with silica into the crankcase, and rev the engine until it seizes.

This is what Obama will do to transportation; this is what Obama will do to your food supply; this is what Obama will soon do to you. Obama’s purpose is higher than yours. Waste an engine; waste a life; waste anything he wants. Obama is, himself the antithesis of invention; he is also the antithesis of hope.

My engine is NOT Obama’s clunker; nor will it ever be. Nor, will we EVER be Obama’s clunker.

(OK, sorry; had to get one more in there).

Meta-Post 1

Honorable Hitters,

I must absent myself from the posting deck here at Porcupine Rim, and venture out to research economic success where it really happens. You are correct; I will be visiting Obama’s superior home nation of Kenya (don’t be so jealous, OK?), which is a far superior economy because it has been under healthy, centralized bureaucratic control instead of control by greedy capitalists and free markets for many years. I will learn how quickly and intensly the human spirit blossoms under centralized bureaucratic control; in stark contrast to the utterly devastating effects of free markets, liberty, and all that nonesense rot of the ridiculous United States Constitution, which Obama knows is like totally BOGUS. No wonder Kenya is such a leader in (sentence in trouble here).

Of course, I will also be visiting that paragon of centralized bureaucratic control, Obama’s ideal civilization, the immortal and brilliant, festive, and wonderful Soviet Union, where the human spirit continues to blossom; all thanks to the removal of free markets, rights and liberties. Yes; you are not mistaken; I actually have received an invitation which will permit me to CROSS THE IRON CURTAIN (which of course was designed to keep the capitalist rif-raf OUT) into that nirvana, the envy of all Obamasites, the Soviet Union. Probably, I will decide to stay in that centralized, controlled, socialist Utopia there since it is so successful. One wonders why Obama himself didn’t go there, however.

I will also be visiting Canada to grab an excellent life-saving operation quickly there, since health care here in the United States is in such a catastrophic crisis starting around January 19th.

If Obama is still president, I will resume posting in only 8 days.

With “Bungles” Obama running the country, all you can have is hope.

Obama Spending Orgy Will EXPLODE Deficit by $2 TRILLION (more)

Obama LIKES Carter’s concept of a quick-hit-and-run presidency!

$2 TRILLION is $6000 per every American, and Obama will BLOW IT ALL and a lot more, he swears. After that, we con’t do anything to fix it, opines Obama (and his press orifice, Gibbs).

Obama hopes that by targeting a quick hit, one-term presidential encumbency (see video below), he can destroy the dollar, capitalism, white people, large internal combustion motors, America, and human life as we know it; while big journalism cheers him on. He would also like to destroy the Sun which is warming Earth unduly.

He is optimistic about the one-term presidency part, based on the rate of decline in his poll numbers; but any other raging racist who claimed he was “God’s partners, on matters of life and death” would already have been drawn and quartered.

Obama to raise 10-year deficit to $9 trillion

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration will raise its 10-year budget deficit projection to approximately $9 trillion from $7.108 trillion in a report next week, a senior administration official told Reuters on Friday.

The higher deficit figure, based on updated economic data, brings the White House budget office into line with outside estimates and gives further fuel to President Barack Obama’s opponents, who say his spending plans are too expensive in light of budget shortfalls.

The White House took heat for sticking with its $7.108 trillion forecast earlier this year after the Congressional Budget Office forecast that deficits between 2010 and 2019 would total $9.1 trillion

Gibbs: Obama Will Follow Nuclear Engineer Jimmy Carter’s lead (H/T – Gateway Pundit):