Obama To Unveil Illegal Immigrant Care

If the American people find out, things could get interesting.

Will Obamacare, nationalized medicine, cover the 12 to 25 million illegal aliens?

Perhaps Obama will explain the details this coming Wednesday (this is a pathetic joke; Obama, POTUS, couldn’t tell the truth if your mother’s life depended on it).

One of the main goals of nationalizing health care in the United States is to extend free health care to illegal aliens valiantly “doing the work Americans won’t do for the price.”

Perhaps a better question is will the toothaches of illegal aliens continue to be treated in the emergency rooms under cobra. The answer is no.

SEIU does not seem to be concerned; remarkably.

R. Menendez, D-New Jersey and La Raza certainly believe not. For the story, see Doug Ross @ Journal..

Reconciliation: “If the American people find out that this bill is about giving health care to non-citizens, they will rise up against it.”

“If the American people find out?”

Gee, what a surprise. A Senator and a group that preaches racial superiority and divisiveness want to enact a stealth illegal immigration bill — not dissimilar from their approach to chain migration. The bill will reward illegal immigration to the direct detriment of all American taxpayers and especially the elderly.

And Democrats are willing to pass this crap sandwich in complete violation of Senate rules — that’s according to Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), not me — which demonstrates just how little interest the oligarchs in Washington have in representative government.

Every poll shows Americans overwhelmingly want to keep the hands of government — which bankrupts everything it touches — off of the finest health care system in the world.

I urge you to contact members of Congress this week (Senate contact page and House Contact Page) and urge them, politely and firmly, to reject this unconstitutional maneuver that defies the will of the American people. And, if they vote for this disastrous bill, tell them they had better have a good outplacement service.


Obama Approval – O’Bottom Fails Again

The O'Bottom Fails Again

The O'Bottom Fails Again

The O’Bottom relentlessly rips and tears its way towards the infernal regions. Obama was going to be focused like a laser on creating jobs. But, thinks Obama, when there are no jobs, America will have a crisis. America without jobs is GOOD. And Obama loves crises. Obama is the master of crisis. So Obama focuses like a laser on railroading nationalized health care that AMERICANS ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT.

Job approval means nothing to Obama. He is IMMUNE to public opinion. He is Obama on a mission. Obama is on a mission to the bottom.

The Obama approval chart is monotonous; and miserably close to monotonic.

As Obama approval falls, his ability to strongarm Democrats into line on any vote dissipates. Obama’s childish insistence of nationalizing health care above getting jobs for Americans will defeat him. Obama will defeat himself.

How Government Will Decide Your Health Treatment

Obama’s FDA has APPROVED installation of computer chips INSIDE YOU.

The purpose is to ENHANCE government’s acuity in determining your health treatment according to its vagarious (uncertain) purposes.

(Vagarious: Given to, or characterized by, vagaries; capricious; whimsical; crochety. Affordable mortgages are GREAT one day, in government, and devastating the next).

Government can change the US Constitution with little notice, apparently. Health care can be changed against overwhelming public opinion! Putting computer chips inside you will come in handy with Obama at the central control.

Or whichever radical charasmatic politician seizes government at the moment.

Isn’t it about time to resume Constitutional government in these United States?

Story here: ObamaCare Lays Groundwork for Unprecedented Level of Totalitarianism

Obama Testing Bottom Again

Obama resumes pursuit of government health care

Mindless pursuit of nationalized, government health care against the vast outcry of Americans will do Obama in (we are to “receive” a big announcement from Obama on nationalized health care next week).

I thought we were focused on jobs now!

Never mind; Obama destroys either healthcare or jobs with equal facility.

Fighting Alongside ACORN

Obama’s propensity to contradict himself, and to contradict truth, so continuously, is unprecedented in American politics.

SHOCK VIDEO— Obama Caught in a Major ACORN Lie Gateway Pundit

Obama Whitehouse is Racist

Obama bows reflexively to some foreign leaders! Other foreign leaders can take out the trash.

Obama obeisance is racially motivated

Obama obeisance is racially motivated

How does Obama decide which get the bows, and which get the garbage?

Obama is a racist.

H/T: Moonbattery Don’t Slip on the Trash on Your Way Out

Kenya Is Swarming With Birthers

Any Kenyan will tell you exactly where Obama was born. And the place is not in Hawaii.

We better hurry (to send him back). Kenya will rapidly join Massachusetts!

How long 'til even Kenyan birthers desert Obama?

How long 'til even Kenyan birthers desert Obama?

H/T: Moonbattery Does This Mean We Can Send Him Back?