Obamacare? Not for congress!

Americans will be happy to hear that Obamacare is strictly NOT for congresspersons and elected federal officials.

Obamacare probably would kill these public servants!

See: Democrat Cretins in DC Vote Down Blunt Resolution for Obamacare for Congress

The majority on the House Energy and Commerce Committee refused to consider an amendment by Health Care Solutions Group Chairman Roy Blunt to require all federal elected officials, including the president, vice-president, and the Congress, to join the government health care plan.

Under “good news,” Obamacare will be completely no charge for illegal aliens! Maybe it won’t kill them.

I suspect they’ll sue, anyway.



This fraud can’t dance, can’t swing a golf club, can’t remember history, stutters uncontrollably without a teleprompter, and sometimes stutters uncontrollably with one.

Awesome Obama

Awesome Obama

Obamessiah’s talent is plumbing new depths on the way down. Another spectacular, historically typical, Marxist success, Obama?

Obama’s State of the Union Message in Preview

State of Obama’s Post-American Union? Anarchy, despoilment, despair, bigotry, racism, and fear. White folks, are you getting Obama’s message yet? ACORN is.

Racist Revenge is Obama’s message.

Student of History AND Golf

WARNING: It is a violation of Federal Law punishable by up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $20 Million to ask Obama what his golf score was.

Funny thing, his golf is a lot stronger than his history.

H/T: Moonbattery President Pencil-legs Killing Time

Menacing, Alien, and Apart – The Great Divider on Races in America

Ominous foreshadowing of your administration, Obama. “The other race would always be . . . menacing, alien, and apart.” ” . . the emotions between the races can never be pure . .”

“typical white person” is Obama’s grandmother!

Here is The Great Divider’s good buddy Professor Skippy elucidating further on stupid and rogue policemen (Moonbattery: Gates Keeps Digging (Great News!)) The Great Divider and all of his friends, from Bill Ayers to Skippy Gates, are very angry . . .

Obama, student of history, and Quack Physician

Since American doctors are crooks, and provide only the treatment that maximizes their fees without regard for the well-being of their patients or anybody else, Obama would like to assist doctors in making better choices with their patients.

If you need a pacemaker, Obama knowingly suggests that painkillers may be a much better solution, having examined the ethics of medical doctors with his vast wisdom and in depth. This will save a lot of waste, halving Bush’s deficit and saving $trillions. The perspicacity of this man is utterly amazing. Did you know that Obama was also editor of the Affirmative Action Harvard Medical Review? You may not have these facts at hand, because none of Obama’s records have been permitted to be disclosed to the public, including his place of birth (Kenya), where he studied post-graduate tribal medicine until he was 13 days old, and he could permit his mother to travel.

Americans are indeed fortunate to have a president who is deeply accomplished in auto manufacturing, medicine, banking, mortgage lending, affordable housing, climate, weather, energy, history, finance, law enforcement, community organizing, constitutional law, rocketry, and nuclear physics, like his mentor Dr. James “nuclear engineer” Carter, so that we no longer have to rely on greedy CEOS and crooked doctors and stupid police to poison our economy and ruin our health care decisions by keeping us alive too long.

Big government control is what made America and the Soviet Union what they are today. Just ask the student of history, and Quack Physician.

Story here: Video: Let them eat painkillers

Polling Base Treats Obama To A Big Swirlie

Update, Major Obama Swirlie conditions in effect. The Great Divider of America is now down 11 (eleven) percent.

round and round and down he goes

round and round and down he goes

MINUS 9, Obama! Surely this is the fastest slide since the invention of teleprompters! Impressive.

Obama's Big Swirlie gains momentum

Obama's Big Swirlie gains momentum