Obama Message of Hope Received

Who ever needs to worry about paying his mortgage, about filling his gas tank, again? The Obama Saviour has spoken.

Except the expectations have been set too high, by The One. Destitution faces the woman and her family, in the video below, who has been cruelly deceived by The One.

As have about half of America.

Obama has NEVER helped them before. He doesn’t know how. Today, he hands out anchors to whom he perceives are victims drowning. Capitalism and the US Constitution have benefited them vastly, compared to the stark alternative of existence about anywhere else in the world; but Obama abhors capitalism; and Obama abhors the US Constitution.

H/T: The Obama File


Obama: Rewrite Constitution; Enormous Blind Spot

The Constitution of the United States is due for major change, quoth The Obamessiah below, expert constitutional lawyer, racist reparation aficionado, and avowed wealth redistributionist (except not his wealth). At least Obama is up front about his rabid antagonism towards our enormous blind spot, the failed economic and social philosophy of The United States Constitution.

Besides, the Constitution fails dismally in not leveling the cruel American economic playing field for those who will work, who will raise their children, who will attend school, those who repay loans, and those who will not.

We Americans lack the vision of The Obamessiah, who realizes that humans fundamentally lack self-interest, and will gladly work with complete utter self-abandon to feed anyone and everyone who won’t work, just like in the Soviet Union and Red China and Cuba. American capitalism has sabotaged and bedeviled this human design feature, which was overlooked by the framers of our flawed Constitution with the enormous blind spot.

Listen to howThe US CONSTITUTION REFLECTS FUNDAMENTAL FLAW IN THIS COUNTRY, by a social engineering genius (of extraordinary ignorance):

H/T: The American Pundit Obama: Constitution Reflects Fundamental Flaw In This Country

The Leopard Shows His Spots

The Red Star is the infamous symbol of the Red Army; and the universally understood, world-wide symbol of communism and socialism. Now Obama openly adopts the red star to identify his political campaign, and his economic and political ideology. Just as Comrade Bill Ayers openly flaunts the red star (nationally televised from the front of his shirt, a few evenings ago), so does Obama.

They arrogantly call themselves socialists; but don’t dare ask them about it; else Obama’s brownshirts will turn your personal, private, secure, government history upside down, shake it, and publicize what they want from it, like they did Joe the Plumber.

Blogging also: Doug Ross @ Journal Another Obama banner features Communism’s red star.

Gateway Pundit Minnesota Obama Supporters Plant Red Star On Their Flag

Truth Comes Out

Truth Comes Out

Commander-In-Chief Obama



What credentials might be recommended, for a Commander-In-Chief?

Obama insists on commanding TWO armies; story here.

Senate Committees Not Important to Obama

Conventional American and democratic government is not important to Barack Obama.

He is above it.

He has other associations far more important and demanding of his time. For example, ACORN; or Rashid Khalidi.

H/T: Road Sassy The Never Present Obama

$600 Billion, per Year, for Obama Security Force

Civilian National Security Force to cost $600 BILLION every year – what for?

Just yesterday evening, Obama repeated this absurd, bizarre, insanely expensive, and dangerous, idea.

“To achieve the national security objectives that we have set.” Nothing specific, though. Perhaps to institute change. Which change?

Why does Obama need nearly 1 MILLION heavily armed brownshirts?

Will these assist in Obama’s plan for wealth redistribution? In racist reparations? In disarming civilian America? Enforcing confiscatory taxation? Dissolving congress? Just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the American military. They certainly will be well armed, as Obama describes them. Will the Obama brownshirts constitute Obama’s personal army? He hires them, he feeds them, he inspires them. Nobody but Obama ever proposed such a perverse idea; and he still has not identified a single specific need for such an expensive, redundant, force.

Which force will be superior in America? Will Obama’s brownshirts have authority over the existing US Military? One of the two massively armed forces must be superior. Is the Obama plan to Africanize America? Factionalize military resources, and toss in a grenade?

Or, perhaps it could be made very difficult indeed to remove Obama from office at the end of his legal term.

The One will have his choice of strategies, as commander-in-chief. Obama reveals his most perverse, unworkable, outrageous ideas, like wealth redistribution, or an Obama Security Force of 1 MILLION heavily armed standing, but few challenge or question the specifics.

Obama is the most dangerous threat ever faced by America. The truest, most sinister danger comes from within.

PLO, Terrorists For Obama

What Makes Palestinians Happy?

What Makes Palestinians Happy?

What could make the Palestinians so happy? Is it death to Israel? Is it driving the Zionists into the sea? Nothing so cataclysmic; it is only the 9-11 terrorist attack on New York and Washington they celebrate so joyously.

You will be happy to know that Palestinian sympathies lie strongly in the camp of Barack Hussein Obama. And it’s not just that they like his name(s).

Moonbattery has the story – “Palestinians Canvass for Obama

These are Palestinians celebrating the atrocities of September 11. Depending on the outcome of our election, the Gaza and the West Bank will again erupt with joy on November 5th. Via al-Jazeera, the only network in the world to outdo the BBC for sheer seething hatred of the USA and everything it stands for, here’s a report on Palestinians working from Gaza to get Obama elected:

You would think it would give even Democrats pause that people who want our entire nation destroyed and all of us killed emphatically support Obama — not that they would know anything about this particular story, with the liberal establishment media effectively blacking it out.