Obama Runs 20,000 SAMs to Al Qaeda

Running guns to the Mexican drug cartels was not challenging enough for Obama!

In a moment of genius that is rare even for super mentalists like Obama, he decided to rip open Qadhafi’s arsenals for al Qaeda in North Africa.

Inside were no fewer than 20,000 surface to air missles, now missing.

Probably Obama is tracking these extremely dangerous weapons and hopes to arrest all al Qaeda in the world and kill them without questioning them since he can’t house them in Gitmo any more.

Thank television media for the gift of genius like Obama’s.

(details will follow)


8 Responses

  1. And it’s ok that Bush Sr. sold weapons of mass destruction to Iraq and funded Osama Bin Laden or that Regan entangled himself in the Iran-Conta weapons smuggling affair?

    Never mind that the Republicans actively prevented Clinton from going after Osama when he wanted to during his presidency, that Bush Jr. didn’t think he was a threat until far too late, then went after the wrong guy on false pretenses, and that it was Obama who actually got the guy?

    • Hi, EK –

      Obama is a FAILED president, obviously unfit for command. He is a mortal hazard to everyone around him, constantly. Comparing him to Reagan and either Bush is a LOSING PROPOSITION for you.

      The military of the United States is NOT HAPPY with your “constitutional scholar” nitwit.

      I think now perhaps it is only 15,000 shoulder fired rockets that Obama has delivered directly to the hands of terrorists.

      Obviously, Bush laid the groundwork for dealing with bin Laden, because Bush had the balls to waterboard KSM; Obama has no balls.

      Further, your “constitutional scholar” made the choice himself to kill bin Laden instead of capturing him; because Osama alive was a political liability. What Osama KNEW WAS CRUCIAL TO AMERICA, but your Obama was playing politics.

      Please note: The sentence in my post above “Probably Obama is tracking these extremely dangerous weapons and hopes to arrest all al Qaeda in the world and kill them without questioning them since he can’t house them in Gitmo any more” is absolutely prophetic; it was written more than one-half year BEFORE Obama selfishly murdered Osama instead of capturing him, because Osama alive was a political liability.

      Next, Obama gave away critical stealth technology to the asians.

      Finally, Obama was all set to blame the entire raid squarely on the US Military, if necessary. There can be no surprise that the US Military hate Obama as much as you soon will.

      Next topic: There is no global warming. In fact, you are about to freeze your rear off. The sun dominates climate on earth; and if you had the slightest knowledge of history, you would know about the Maunder Minimum and the LIA. But you have your head straight up Obama’s rear, instead of making yourself aware of climate history.

      • Chillguy (who is anything but chill),

        You seem bitter to the point of blindness. Let’s just say that I disagree with your political evaluation of Obama.

        As for your climate comment, well… go do your research.

        When you have sufficiently educated yourself and you can carry on a polite conversation we can continue, but as it stands you have neither the science background to be qualified to carry on a discussion about climate, nor the maturity to hold a civil political discussion.

  2. EK, do yourself a favor and search up Little Ice Age. History does repeat, you know. Better still, read “The Chilling Stars” by Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder.

    • Chillguy,

      I am a scientist and ecologist. I have worked on glaciers in Alaska, in South American rainforests, various projects in California and throughout New England, and was asked to develop a monitoring protocol that could track vegetation changes over time in the national parks so that we could actually measure some of the changes in vegetation to see what is really causing them. My graduate work was on climate change, the movement of species, and the need for fundamentally different conservation strategies than we have been pursuing. I have probably forgotten more about climate change, the Little Ice age, and the Medieval Warm period than you have ever read or known.

      Climate change happens all the time and leaves detailed records in a variety of medium diverse enough to be too tedious to list. This means that we can look at past climate changes from a variety of aspects and tease out relationships such as concentrations of atmospheric gasses, changes in solar output, the influence of planetary cycles such as the Milankovitch Cycles (which should properly be called Coll-Milankovitch cycles), ocean salinity, volcanic activity, and a great host of others. Our understanding is not perfect, but it is based on evidence and our knowledge of scientific principles that hold true in a wide range of other situations. We know that climate change, even in our absence, can be drastic and swift, we know how insulation works, and we are finally grasping how attractors in complex systems and tipping points work.

      Perhaps I’m being naive, but i will take the assembled knowledge and understanding of the overwhelming majority of scientists who study these things coupled with my own experiences and research, both in the field and amongst the literature, over anything people who have not researched these issues or who have a specific political agenda any day.

      I’ll take a look at the book you recommend despite Henrik Svensmark’s work being pretty thoroughly debunked, and similar debunking of Nigel Calder’s thoughts on the effects of cloud formation and the relation of that to cosmic rays.

      I would suggest that you look beyond those texts and discussions that further your own opinion.

      • Thanks for commenting. Your scientific credentials are indeed impressive compared to mine. I am a computer chip maker, in simplified parlance, with authorship of 60-some US patents. 7 years ago I decided that owning a wind farm in eastern Colorado was a retirement worth investigating. I quickly discovered that wind turbines are terribly inefficient, require 85% fast-start backup when becalmed, and are only erected because of government subsidy.

        I’ve been closely involved in silicon chip technology for 38 years; but photovoltaic generation was the energy source of the future long before my career started! As it still is.

        Photovoltaics are the compleat fraud; delivering a service life that is far shorter than the payback time.

        If a politician can inflate the cost of energy, then the politician can reap rich rewards from crony bundlers/green energy operators.

        It sounds like you have every confidence that arctic ice is melting, and that earth is warming, anthropogenically. I have no such confidence. My concern is the rapid advent for which we are ill prepared: a grand solar minimum. A close repeat of the Maunder is likely. That is where our research should be directed.

        Farmers who focus their planning and expertise on cold weather crops, and crops optimized for drastically shortened growing seasons will be our saviors. In spite of them, there could be 1 billion early human deaths.

        In the future, if it resemble our past, global warming will be a gift to humanity, whenever we can get some.

        If you are so confident that warming is anthropogenic and will quickly become catastrophic, pray continue your present course. I do not think so.

        Best regards for the future,

      • You have a very different skill set than do I and a different starting point for where your perceptions derive.

        I agree that the current technologies are often inefficient and badly placed. To me they are transitional technologies, we haven’t figured out how to make them work well and are trying to use an outmoded infrastructure with a technology that is not suited to the older, established infrasturucture. I can completely understand you frustrations.

        As for climate change, there is no question in my mind that the climate is warming and they we have out thumb on the scale. One of the things about that is that it is warming on average, and some places will worm more than others and others will cool as weather patterns shift.

        It is wise to plan for a variety of futures, I think we will need all the options we can come up with.

        Good fortune to you and I hope that the truth of the matter lies someplace between out different views.


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