Fruit-Loop at Fox News (Chris Wallace) Calls Michele Bachmann a “Flake”

Also posting on this topic: Ed Morrissey at HOT AIR – Great moments in journalism: “Are you a flake?” And Chris Wallace was not even interviewing Obama!

Fox News has long worshipped its ROCK STAR (as proclaimed by Rupert Murdoch on multiple occasions) Obama; and in particular, any gaffe from the ROCK STAR is quickly and permanently ignored by journHOLEist Chris Wallace and his ilk at Fox.

In fact, Fox News had dominant ratings consistently during the “vetting” of Obama; which “vetting” did not occur for some reason.

Chris Wallace and Fox News have given journHOLEism a bad name – if that is possible.

Check out the arrogance and insolence of this 2-bit closet communist Chris Wallace at Fox News yesterday. It seems the politics of personal destruction that journHOLEism (notably INCLUDING Fox News) has heaped on Sarah Palin is to be repeated!

Why is Fox News incurably and outrageously misogynistic? Is it because Obama is their “ROCK STAR” as Rupert Murdoch has blatantly and repeatedly proclaimed?


Obama, accessory to murder

Obama’s end justifies any means, because he knows it all.

Ask the family of Brian Terry.

Obama Accomplishments 2011

If Obama wasn’t the PROTOTYPE affirmative action president, he would have had his pancreas pulled out through his ears already.

But this clip doesn’t even mention Obama running guns for the Mexican drug cartels! The young Indonesian lad has much to learn (except he knows it all already).

Seen first at Doug Ross @ Journal

Religion of Wretched

Pat Condell says it all – thank God for Pat Condell.

The poorly-advised Obama administration is teeming with rape, genital mutilation (shariah) advocates; on the other hand.

Obama’s Homeland Security – a Bizarre Joke

Correction: The terrorists are EXCLUSIVELY muslim. EXCLUSIVELY. Further, there is no possible correction for Obama’s pig security “maven” Janet Napalitano.

Saw this first at Moonbattery.

Obama Slaughters American Eagles, Condors Wholesale

In his raging delusion to end capitalism and destroy free markets in America, Obama has cut off critical energy supplies from Americans. He force-feeds “green” alternatives, including wind turbines – which provide power that is very intermittent, unreliable, and costs 3-4 times as much as the traditional sources; since Americans are rich.

To impoverish all Americans equally, the outrageous slaughter of a few widely-regarded invaluable species is no problem for such as Obama.

H/T to Moonbattery: Windmills Are Chopping Up California’s Golden Eagles

Obama, Subprime Advocate

Obama is full of theory; and today blames the recent catastrophic subprime calamity on greedy banks!

Nobody should EVER believe a democrat; but Obama is an incredible liar!

(Be patient; there are several delays in the video).

Thanks, Porcupine Rim: Obama: Subprime Loans a Good Idea, 2008