Doubling Down on Obama

We know for sure – Obama has failed.

Obama has failed in Egypt, Obama has failed in Syria, Obama has failed in Afghanistan, Obama has failed in Libya.

Obama has failed in Israel.

Obama has failed in America. Obama has delivered on absolutely not one thing. Obama gutted Medicare; Obama destroyed GM; Obama destroyed American health care, which was the finest system in the entire world, bar none. Physicians will soon flee Obama’s “work force.” Obama has failed on the southern border. Obama has failed on energy. I could continue; but counting Obama’s failures has no end.

In spite of this massive, incalculable destruction, American voters, legal and illegal, should DOUBLE DOWN ON OBAMA at the polls in November; we are told.

If Obama has destroyed America and our system of government, as he promised to do, in only one term – how long will it take voters to realize everything is over? How long will it take voters to realize that the most brilliant and successful economy and civilization in the world has been utterly destroyed?

So far, Obama, the “ROCK STAR” of American politics, has had his way with with America. Obama has had free reign to exercise his diabolical platform of destruction in America and around the world. Record unemployment of Americans is the order of the day! Yet, we should DOUBLE DOWN on OBAMA?

Americans have the choice to end it.



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