Obama Says You Have Too Much Money S.2433

Say, your family has an extra $2500 (per family member!) to give to the World, don’t you?

What has been holding you back?

Your Obama wants to slip this “bill” to you. A dollar will get you a donut it is Obama’s bureaucrat jihad brothers at UN whose poverty will be alleviated; just like Rezko got rich in Chicago, after he and Obama “developed” uninhabitable “communities” for the poor there.

Cough up that extra dough! It’s called change, and it’s audacious.

More info: Moonbattery Obama and Friends Put the Screws to America


Offensive to Journalists

Journalists Fight Reality, With Reality

Journalists Fight Reality, With Reality

From Chris “Tingling Leg” Matthews to Bill O’Reilly to Greta Van Susteren, Journalists are scandalized by this Journalistic image. Why?

The Obama Family’s embarrassment to be American, in their own words, is profoundly well documented. The overwhelming preference of Obama and associates to trample the flag, rather than wear it on their lapels, or salute it, is profoundly well documented. Excusing Osama bin Laden as an impoverished victim, by Barack Obama, is profoundly well documented.

The caricature above is not satire; it captures the nature of Obamastic Change in high fidelity.

And this explains why Journalists don’t want you to see it. The Journalists who made it have been sacked (predictions).

Another Obama Embarrassed to be an American

Michelle is not the only Obama without pride in her country. Barack himself is flat embarrassed that Americans aren’t, on the whole, multi-lingual. Barack’s thoughtful instructions to American parents: “Make sure your children can speak Spanish.” Will that make you feel proud, Barack? Or does your shame at being American go much deeper?