Obama sez He is “God’s partners, in matters of life, and death”

Perhaps you will be pleased to know that your President Obama says He is “God’s Partners, in matters of life and death.”

We knew by virtue of his longstanding associations, and from his own mouth that Obama was “Partners” with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn; Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pflegger; Edward Said and Rashid Kahlidi.

We knew that Obama was “Partners” with attorney Thomas Perrelli, who represented wife killer Michael Schiavo pro bono. (H/T: The Astute Bloggers, More proof that Obama loves death)

We even knew that Obama’s co-inhabitants of Chicago, The Blues Brothers, were on a “mission from God.” Maybe that’s where Obama got the idea.

But we did not appreciate adequately that Obama was “Partners” with God, in matters of life and death.

Every day, the precise nature of Obama becomes a little more clear. Government considers itself “Partners” with God, in matters of life and death.

We are beginning to understand why the genuine article Obama should be “The One” who determines who gets health care, and who does not; since we all cannot enjoy the benefit from health care – there are not enough doctors available to give us all health care we pay for; let alone health care we do not.

It is quite remarkable that the President of The United States now considers himself the master of life and death; and advertises a union with God in that regard. Such conditions arise frequently in Arab East-Africa, and perhaps in other Arab or Islamic states, but this is the first time ever – in the United States.


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  1. That’s not what he said, you moron. He said to a group of Rabbi’s “We are God’s partners” We as mankind. You hate so much you just make up stuff.

    • Thanks for your comment.

    • Hi there! First off,im not gonna do the name calling thing,that never goes anywhere productive in meaningful communications,and or the facts. Obama is a muslim,this is an “objective” fact,please refer to his holy book,the quran. Now Rabbi’s,of which there are 2 groups to focus on,the right and the left.The ones whom back him up,on the above statement,cannot be rightly understood,much like him,unless you go beneath the surface,which is quite proper in fact,agreed? Please access these 2 links im leaving,and follow the facts.America soon will be going into “sharia law”,which is a 7th century law,and this is being accomplished through the UN,RIGHT NOW,and by the “next term” of our “so called” president,this will become finalized.Do not take my word for it,just follow the governments paper trails and bills,and listen to the foreigners here and abroad,claiming their “savior” is Obama, and this is going to be “their” new country,under his leadership.They have more rights than us,right now,and have made gigantic progress in all of our financial,legal,and even governmental systems,and when it becomes known to all of our citizens finally,it will be law,and far too late to do anything. This is “literally”,the foreign takeover,of the worlds last free standing nation,to bring into action,”The new world order”,just as planned and written,in all of their books and records alike,even recorded on our own dollar bill. This is all being done,right in our faces,all of the worlds nations openly see our collapse,its on their news daily,they rejoice greatly. PAULINEGETWELL,and please prepare yourself for the even worse days just ahead,we all need to stand together,right now more than ever,and this isnt possible if people take subjective feeling,over objective fact,because its easier to bare that way,(we’ve all done this before),but now we cannot,because collapse is imminent,and soon the only survival will be accomplished by the capacity of working together,as in the earlier days of this once great nation,and unfortunately,such is mostly a mystery in todays USA,so you see,foreign occupation is,and will continue to fully overthrow,and overpower us,and we paved this path for them,fighting with one another,instead of against them,and they have well advanced at this point,to such an extent,that if the “media” broadcast the facts,it would sound to most americans,like one of the most craziest,fictional,dictator/usurper takeover stories ever told,especially in application to America today,and their are “literally” statistics,to back this up “bigtime”,as they say,and tons and tons of solid evidence A through Z,if anyone would just look for it though,instead of just goin with the comfortable flow,and then come the falls,and on the way down,we can throw it into reverse,but that wont work now,and we’ll all meet at the bottom,together at last!!! See,we will join forces eventually,but i hope its before the drink,how about you?



  2. Dont bother leaving a reply in defense of the truth,just apply like the above,with name calling against the author,and his article,then your blog is in! Take care, bye now-

    • No,I’ll just try again,you gotta never give up,Right? Right!
      I thought to show the “absolute truth”,about the COMMANDER IN CHIEF,we can simply look into his holy book,and it is a clear open fact, which book that is,there is no argument there.He also was sworn into one of the greatest positions,on this planet,with his hand on this same book.Knowing a persons “spiritual” standing,will indeed offer anyone in question,a guide,to that persons beliefs,directions and due course,in and through all decision making processes,through life and even death too,as well,and if this person is a king,or a prince,their master will guide them,into the fate,of the kingdom at hand,and all of its peoples within,as all of our documents,ever written through the History of this earth,clearly do notate. Here is a link,to this great book,read it to yourself,and come to your own conclusions. Peace!


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