Affirmative Action President speaks on Affirmative Action

There could be a reason why you are not able to access any of Obama’s school records.

There could be a reason why you cannot access Obama’s voting record in the Illinois state house.

There could be a reason why basically no material record of Obama’s history can be accessed by you.

Could Obama be a product of affirmative action? Is Obama’s wife a product of affirmative action?

Why is “affirmative action” today unspeakable; just like the word “liberal?”

Check out what Obama really thinks about affirmative action. More at Moonbattery. Obama is fittingly played by the lady (who favors affirmative action; however extra-constitutional it may be):


Clear Enemies of the US Constitution

Committed, outspoken enemies of the US Constitution are the greatest threat to the American way of life, American civil success, and American exceptionality.

But even “progressives,” some of whom clearly are frothing at the mouth to return to pre-Constitutional times (more than 200, not 100 years ago!), who have sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution out of one side of their mouths, assure us from the other side of their mouths that the US Constitution reflects “deep flaws” in American culture, represents “a nagging problem,” “a moral problem,” and reflects “an enormous blind spot that carries on until this day” and “reflected the fundamental flaw of America that continues to this day.”

These “progressives” are obviously intent that the US Constitution should have been designed by liars such as themselves.

As of today, the progressives are in control; the US Government is no longer constrained by virtually any aspect of the United States Constitution.

Like Ezra Klein, they joke about it.

Persistent refusal to carry out the oath of office, once sworn, surely amounts to a “misdemeanor” at least.

Obama Requests Businesses to Expand in California

His Royal Majesty Obama has requested businesses to expand in California.

It seems that unions have been involved in these determinations.

Legitimate business will not invest in California, Obama. 45% of the state is smoking pot; and hoping to join Mexico. But there are a few other reasons. . . beyond the simple fact that California is bankrupt. Maybe Obama thinks that bankrupting America will restore California’s appeal to businesses .. who knows what he is thinking.

Original story here: The Venezuela of North America

Americans Don’t Go to Mexico

The United States government is inadequate, impotent, and unwilling, to protect Americans in America; preferring that more drugs and Obama voters are available here.

Needless to say, the United States government will not protect Americans in Mexico.

For that matter, United States protection of Americans in Afghanistan is seriously in doubt.

We need to face the truth: Extra-Americans are now running the government of the United States. Exactly how did this happen?

I leave it to your investigation. However, it is chronicled on this blog and many others.

Mexican Troops Kill US Man Outside Acapulco

Mexican Troops Kill US Man Outside Acapulco
Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, December 26, 2010, 12:22 PM

This undated image released by his family on Dec. 17, 2010 is the last image sent home by Joseph Proctor before he was killed by Mexican army soldiers on Aug. 22, 2010. Three soldiers have been charged with killing Proctor. Two have been charged with planting an assault rifle in his hands and claiming falsely that he fired first, according to a Mexican Defense Department document sent to his mother, Donna Proctor.
(AP Photo)

Three Mexican soldiers were accused of killing a US man recently outside Acapulco.
The AP reported:

Joseph Proctor told his girlfriend he was popping out to the convenience store in the quiet Mexican beach town where the couple had just moved, intending to start a new life.

The next morning, the 32-year-old New York native was dead inside his crashed van on a road outside Acapulco. He had multiple bullet wounds. An AR-15 rifle lay in his hands.

His distraught girlfriend, Liliana Gil Vargas, was summoned to police headquarters, where she was told Proctor had died in a gunbattle with an army patrol. They claimed Proctor — whose green van had a for-sale sign and his cell phone number spray-painted on the windows — had attacked the troops. They showed her the gun.

His mother, Donna Proctor, devastated and incredulous, has been fighting through Mexico’s secretive military justice system ever since to learn what really happened on the night of Aug. 22.

It took weeks of pressuring U.S. diplomats and congressmen for help, but she finally got an answer, which she shared with The Associated Press.

Three soldiers have been charged with killing her son.

Obama Addresses New York on Climate

Empty suit Obama demonstrates his remarkable incompetence in this excellent video.

Recommend you watch all 14 seconds; this video says it all.

If you are feeling raped in the pocket-book, please contact Obama directly.

Christmas Card From Obama

Say. I am from Kenya. And I can help you . . .

Obama is an expert in managing capitalist economic systems.

Except, we don’t have one anymore.

The leftard success “affordable housing” gave Obama all the excuse he needed to destroy America.

Next, you will embrace islam.

Just like in Kenya, where 80% of the population formerly was Christian.

This is your Obama Christmas Card. Enjoy.

Future With Obama

Obama still promises to correct economic shortcomings sometime in the future (with a mysteriously deft “pivot” we haven’t seen yet).

What is really to come, in our future with Obama in the White House?