Surprise (not): Gadhafi Routing Obama

This protracted ObamaWar is not producing many casualties ūüėČ though.


Isn’t he prepared and ready to be “commander-in-chief?”¬† It appears not.

Too bad Obama couldn’t decide what he wanted to accomplish in¬† Libya.¬† Now many, many, more Libyans will die than if Obama had only left them alone.

If Obama needs a fight, we should talk Obama into fighting with Michelle.

Now there’s a problem¬†– she would beat the heck out of¬† him, too.


Obama RAPED by France, Nato

Not to mention, Her Ladyship Hillary!

Obama said is was a “no-fly zone.”

Obama’s “ALLIES” have POUNDED Gadhafi’s home town; which probably was not “flying” much.

Did Obama LIE?  Or, was he RAPED?

Obviously, both!  Reality is prosaic, bitch Obama.  Please organize a community or something.

Clarity on the Obama Doctrine

Porcupine Rim has studied the Obama Doctrine, and there is some substance to it.

It comes from Obama’s genius, high school basketball¬† career, and his sweet 3 point shot.

This distillation makes it quite simple, really. The international genius of Obama can be boiled down to ONE WORD!   Get ready . . .


Yes; that is it; that is the international miracle which is Obama:


Only slight problem is, Obama, please don’t pivot while you are shooting; OK?¬†¬†We parents of the¬†servicemen and women behind you don’t think this strategy¬†is quite so slick; OK, buddy?

Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Hi, Donald,

I think you would make a GREAT president; and I would be very proud to vote for you.

You should be aware, however, that Obama is considered a ‚ÄúROCK STAR‚ÄĚ at Fox News.

Fox News’s Rupert Murdoch so designated Obama in 2008; since that proclamation, Obama’s crap is considered an exotic elixir among Fox News JournHOLEists, who search for it at night on the White House premises with advanced chemical sniffing equipment.

If you mess with Obama much more, Rupert Murdoch will probably castrate you.

For instance, Fox News has absolutely prohibited any publication concerning ROCK STAR Obama’s protégé/mentor relationship with home-grown terrorist Bill Ayers; and his convicted wife Bernardine Dohrn.

If you were to bring up the authorship of Obama‚Äôs celebrated (by Fox News) literary blockbuster triumph ‚ÄúDreams of my Father‚ÄĚ you may never be heard from, again.

Nonetheless, you might want to be aware of Ayer‚Äôs bald, multiply repeated admission that he wrote Obama‚Äôs book. In spite of Ayers’ admission, Fox News still considers Obama a literary genius of unprecedented proportion, or at least will have America think they do.

Maybe you can get Bill Ayers to write your memoirs.

Don, Fox News will NEVER HELP YOU DEFEAT OBAMA. Obama is their ROCK STAR and Marxist Bill Ayers is His saviour.

Much more here: Investigating Obama

Obama Scrambles in UN Fine Print to Arm Al Qaeda in Libya

Americans great-grandchildren still have a lot of cash that hasn’t been stolen yet.

It will be no problem for Obama to supply arms to the Islamists and Al-Qaeda from a budgetary standpoint (HA).

The real immediate news of this post is that Obama’s UN delegation has manipulated the fine print in the UN resolution to facilitate arming Al-Qaeda, and Islamists, well in advance!

What a cluster-Obama!

Deal near: NATO to take control of war ‚Äútime-limited, scope-limited military action‚ÄĚ in Libya; Update: U.S. looking for legal loophole to arm Libyan rebels

Update: Wait until Turkey realizes that our time-limited, scope-limited military action isn’t as time-limited or scope-limited as they thought.
Paragraph 4 of [the UN] resolution provides sweeping authority to U.N. member states ‚Äúto take all necessary measures, notwithstanding paragraph 9 of resolution 1970, to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.‚ÄĚ The notwithstanding clause, which was proposed by the United States, provides for an unspecified exemption from the embargo, according to diplomats‚Ķ
Council diplomats say [Susan] Rice gave no hint that the clause would be used as a pretext to arm the rebels. ‚ÄúThe clear perception of the large majority of the council is that it would not open the door to arming the rebels,‚ÄĚ the council diplomat said‚Ķ
U.N. diplomats say the exemption would technically provide a legal basis for limited supplies of weapons to rebels, as long as they could make the case that they were needed to forestall a government attack against civilian targets. But they warned that it could poison the U.S. relationship with other council members, who may feel they have been misled about the intent of the language.

Obama’s Al Qaeda Branch Takes Arms Factory in Yemen

ROGUE REGIMES have only just begun; the Obama “administration” has extracted the al-qaeda geenie from its bottle.

Obama’s Crusading in the Mideast will likely install Islamist government in at least 4 nations. Yemen and Egypt formerly were allies of the United States in the war against terror; which war Obama has reversed.

Background: Obama is a genius US Constitutional scholar, who openly states the US Constitution is “flawed,” and which genius has no scholastic records.

Genius Obama has probably lit the fuse of the first nuclear world war.

Breaking news, more to come.

Obama Fights FOR AL AQAEDA in Libya

The lives Obama is saving the most of in Libya are Al Qaeda lives.

Chalk it up to lack of experience? Not on your life. Who knows what Obama precisely is? George Soros does. If you listen to Obama about himself you can only conclude that Obama IS Al Qaeda and he IS Marxist. Take the man at his own words, like George Soros does for once. Once is all it should take to convince you. Even so, if Obama’s words about himself don’t persuade you, just take a brief check into what he DOES.

The American military Obama “commands” is risking American lives and looting America’s (grandchildren’s now) treasure to FIGHT FOR AL-QAEDA.

“jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.”

New Yorkers don’t seem unhappy about it, though.

What will be the ultimate cost of Obama’s adventure installing al-Qaeda “democracy” in Libya? We can make two projections safely at this time. First, the ultimate cost will be too high to pay. Second, Obama will lie about it.

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

Mr al-Hasidi admitted he had earlier fought against 'the foreign invasion' in Afghanistan