Porcupine Rim

American citizens and voters have gotten a very raw deal from “Journalism” of all media.  Here we will publish the absolute, unvarnished truth about Alinskyite and Marxist Barack Hussein (his choice) Obama.

Obama incredibly worships the “infrastructure” of Red China, where the air is not breathable and the schools and cities crush like  cracker-boxes; where poison flows in rivers.  It is evident that Obama considers that which comes from socialist government “good” regardless of its tangible qualities.

The capitalist, free market system is the greatest system of all human history, and made America the greatest land in history.  Obama will now tear America apart by replacing capitalism with an archaic, failed system that never works.  Obama’s preferred system is fundamentally incompatible with human nature; and this has been proven at great cost in human lives, whenever or wherever Obama’s system has had domain.


5 Responses

  1. Wow, You’ve sunk low in your efforts to smear an ethical man. Obama seems to be a very solid candidate and he just won the nomination. You are trying to say that because his mom read a book by Karl Marx that Obama is a communist? Or an atheist? How silly can you be? Sounds like you promote censorship, even while calling Obama a fascist. And why, because his wife suggests that people not be left “uninformed”.? Well, Obviously you managed to remain ignorant.

  2. Jessica,

    Your Obamessiah is selling the failure of capitalism.

    You explain why; if you care.

  3. jessica,

    we look forward to welcoming you back to planet Earth when you arrive, may it be soon, but right now you are so far out in deep space it isn’t funny.





    All his friends are bad, and not just a little bad, but very very bad, …terrorists (foreign and domestic), crooks, liars, racists and assorted other low-lifes of every kind.

    There is nothing “ethical” about him.

  4. Not only that but communists are goooood organizers. They aren’t good leaders; most are followers. They never look deep at their “heroes” who eventually “turn” on them. The masses are looking for the proverbial Nanny State. Voila! You got it! Get out your Binky’s. Obama-Lama-Ding-Dongs are emotionally dependent on the Nanny State. This self-ordained-ruler-elect thingee resulted because a large portion of under 30-year olds never studied History in school and wouldn’t know a communist if they fell over one on the way to the gulag. I mean, really, I thought the word “ruler” only pertained to countries ruled by despots. Hellooo? In America the president “serves” the People. Good luck, Comrades!

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