Obama’s Clunker

Probably 1 or 2 million GM 454 cubic inch engines transport food and goods around the country and around the world. Possibly Obama has a better idea than transportation (it might rhyme with death, though; and he approves of that generally; Obama is on a mission from God). If anybody can comment on the number of these engines manufactured and still running, which engines are hated by Obama, please do.

I have one such engine. For 15 years, I have maintained this masterpiece of an engine with SYNTHETIC OIL changes for its crankcase. And the engine has maintained me. I have no doubt the engine will operate brilliantly and perfectly for another 125,000 miles.

Here is the Obama LAW: we will take this perfectly designed, constructed, and maintained engine, the masterpiece servant of man, pour saltwater with silica into the crankcase, and rev the engine until it seizes.

This is what Obama will do to transportation; this is what Obama will do to your food supply; this is what Obama will soon do to you. Obama’s purpose is higher than yours. Waste an engine; waste a life; waste anything he wants. Obama is, himself the antithesis of invention; he is also the antithesis of hope.

My engine is NOT Obama’s clunker; nor will it ever be. Nor, will we EVER be Obama’s clunker.

(OK, sorry; had to get one more in there).

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