Throw Off Obama’s Shackles

The real infrastructure of the United States is FREE ENTERPRISE.

Obama plans to give you a new bridge here or there, wherever it is most useless; but under Obama, FREE ENTERPRISE is DEAD.

The US Constitution is DEAD. The Greatest Health Care System in the world is DEAD.

The criminal Obama government is FAR OUTSIDE ALL CONSTITUTIONAL BOUNDS. It does what it wants, when it wants.

Soon, Obama will patrol the internet to remove America’s brain.

Obama Youth Corps will begin its retraining mission.

There is nowhere to hide from Obama.

Is there any cost to dear to remove Obama and his criminal government?

Not if you have children and grandchildren.


Obama Screws His Team

First, Obama assaulted banking, Wall Street, education, medicine, health insurance, auto manufacturing, and more.

Free enterprise, which made America great, has been all but destroyed by the elite affirmative action lawyer from (according to his wife) Kenya via Columbia U.

The democrat party cannot begin to pay the price for such a pyrrhic victory. The Obama-inspired damage to American economic competitiveness is a staggering blow to the future of our children.

More news for another of Obama’s “teams:” Obama will absolutely FAIL in Afghanistan. Obama is already failing in Afghanistan.

American victory is anathema to Obama, as he has proclaimed.

Obama is a sinking ship.

Americans can only pray that we say good-bye to Obama, before he says good-bye to all of us.

Obama demonstrates great sensitivity to his electorate, and his democrat team