What is there, besides lies? For Obama, nothing else.

Compilation of recent Obama and Democrat accomplishments. Did you know, Obama also saved America from the second great depression? Seriously, this is what he claims. Where do arrogant, egomaniacal liars like these come from? H/T: Moonbattery: Democrat Code


ObamaCare IS Rationing

Just like there are no shovel ready jobs, ObamaCare will provide health service rationing – the opposite of care. Why should nobody be surprised.

Job rationing, energy rationing, health care rationing is what Obama meant by “change.”

Doctors like Dr. David Janda will become part of the Obama government health rationing scheme, or they will go to jail. They WILL LIE ABOUT TREATMENT ALTERNATIVES, depending on the whim of government.

From New Zeal

Dr. David Janda explains Rationing in Health Care Bill

David says, “We’re going to lose 46% of physicians, including me. I cannot walk into a room Jan. 1st 2013 and lie to the very people I’ve been helping for the last 30 years. I won’t do it.”

Obama Protects Illegal Aliens First

Obama has power to raise an army, and expand government to any bizarre purpose, apparently.

What does Obama do with it? Obama protects illegal aliens FIRST.

Maybe Obama is president of the WRONG country! More concisely, Obama belongs in jail.

H/T: Protect Citizens First

Obama’s Plan For The Future

The culture Obama loves most, besides ACORN, Kenya, and Taliban, is his beloved People’s Republic. Obama states, “all the infrastructure there, is vastly superior to ours.” 1 $TRILLION later, America’s infrastructure has not changed one iota.

The destruction of the United States Constitution is almost complete.

Thank you, Obama.

Most Perfect Pathological Liar in Lying History (II)

Americans are losing their homes, and even their lives. Is the pathological liar sorry, at least? NO.

What happened to those “affordable” mortgages, Obama, that you and your twin ACORN strongarmed and bullied banks to write?

“Cranes dot the sky.” This fellow is truly sick.

H/T: The only thing “shovel ready” was Obama’s BS

Lying video below from Most Perfect Pathological Liar in Lying History (I)

Hey, we called him right.

America Is Not Free

As long as Barney Frank runs banking; and Obama runs government, Americans cannot be free. From Obama, you will never hear the truth.

Perhaps freedom is not so important to Americans today.

Must see video below, regarding political correctness, neo-marxism, the Frankfurt School, and the freedom of Americans, via New Zeal

The only near-utopia that has ever existed is capitalist America; Obama may have destroyed it. Obama was never happy with capitalism, or with the US Constitution.

Gov’t Geniuses in Detroit Seek To Educate Citizens About Public Transportation

Masters degree in landscape architecture and regional planning is all it takes.

And “it’s gonna take a huge effort to educate the public about the importance of public transportation.”

Maybe government should concentrate on making profit from the US Post Office.