Peace Poseur Invades Afghanistan; Why?

If Iraq was an impossible war, and Obama never missed a chance to refer it as such, even well after victory had been secured and acknowledged generally, what is Afghanistan?

History has well shown that war in Afghanistan is a hopeless cause. The cost of war in Afghanistan, in material, troops, and dollars, is a price millitary adventurist Obama cannot pay. He cannot win in Afghanistan. His military advisers so advise. History proves it. Afghanistan is a military ball-breaker. Afghanistan broke the Soviet Union, all of it. Obama wants to fight the same war from half-way around the World! Obama, last week’s peace poseur is driven to put our sons and daughters, wholesale and without a stated goal, into this most dangerous breech. There is no dictator to remove. There is not widespread systematic genocide in Afghanistan, as there was in Kurdistan perpetrated by your namesake, Hussein. There is not even any specific terrorist to remove from Afghanistan. Why must Obama send our sons and daughters to their deaths, for nothing? Hindsight is 20:20, Obama for the rest of us (not including Journalists); you should get some hindsight; or at least study history.

What possibly can Obama want in Afghanistan, when he finds successful, benevolent, and beneficial, fruitful effort, and presence in Iraq such an abomination?

The war in Iraq was won, over the protestations of peace poseur Obama. But Obama does not protest military adventure where no victory is possible, in Afghanistan. He embraces the price of this war, and the fruits of this war, which can only be death.

Journalists in America do not question Obama’s adventurism in Afghanistan. Permit us.

There is nothing to be gained in Afghanistan worth the price, and this has been shown, and it is well known. Except by Journalists, and by Obama.

The change in Washington is for the worse. The change means that warfare with a prize for humankind is replaced by warfare with a prize, however obscure, for Obama. But there is no prize, Obama, in Afghanistan. Only death, and waste will your war bring us.

Why do you do it, Obama? Why make war with no chance of success, and no goal or objective you can elucidate. You have some personal need for war.

Bush won his war, but you will never win in Afghanistan, Obama. Never.

Where do we fight after Afghanistan, dear leader? Do we invade Pakistan, your next great idea? Obama is a child, moving toy soldiers here and there, but he wanted an adult’s job. Get out of Afghanistan, Obama. The checks you are writing this time are the lives of our children. You may have gotten away with your subprime, depth charge mortgages; but you won’t get away with slaughtering our children for not one damned thing.


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