Next Under the Bus – Israel

The free ride for Israel is over; done; fini.

Israel has not been respecting its obligations. Have a nice day.

Martin Indyk, having assured Jewsih audiences of Barack Obama’s strong support for Israel, states today:

Israel can no longer expect “blank cheques” from Washington once president-elect Barack Obama’s administration takes over in January, a former US ambassador to the Jewish state said on Sunday.

“The era of the blank cheque is over,” said Martin Indyk, director of the Centre for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institute who is considered close to incoming secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

“The Obama administration intends to be engaged, using diplomacy to try to bring about a safer and more peaceful place, that is different from the seven years of the (George W.) Bush administration,” he said on public radio.

“President Obama surely will want to work with Israel on this (Middle East) agenda. But there are obligations on both sides (Israel and the Arabs). Both sides will have to respect these obligations,” Indyk said.

Story at American Thinker

Conference Day – Can Obama Repeal the Constitution, himself?

Obama says the US Constitution has a vast blind spot – see Constitution Fundamentally Flawed – Obama

Like other radical leftists before him, Obama wants to replace it.

Obama forgot to read the Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, however, which precludes him as a candidate for president; the framers explicitly prohibited a president with divided loyalties, particularly loyalties divided with Great Britain.

No wonder he doesn’t like it.

Maybe the Supreme Court will agree with Leo Donofrio, in conference today.

From Donofrio’s Supreme Court lawsuit v. New Jersey Secretary of State Nina Wells, via Investigating Obama:

The Framers wanted to make themselves eligible to be President, but they didn’t want future generations to be Governed by a Commander In Chief who had split loyalty to another Country. The Framers were comfortable making an exception for themselves. They did, after all, create the Constitution. But they were not comfortable with the possibility of future generations of Presidents being born under the jurisdiction of Foreign Powers, especially Great Britain and its monarchy, who the Framers and Colonists fought so hard in the American Revolution to be free of.

Must-read article Your Guide to the Legal Challenges of Barack Obama’s Candidacy

The process of qualifying a presidential candidate is broken and intervention is necessary.

Terrorism; To Prosecute, Or Abet

Those prominent in the “Office Of The President-Elect” think terrorists need a break, too.

“The Best and The Brightest” now including failed deputy AG Eric Holder want peace and love, when it comes to murderous, bombing, machete wielding, Marxists.

In the spirit of 9-11, Bill Clinton permitted Osama bin Laden to escape confinement in Somalia. Clinton, with the able assistance of terrorist sympathizer Eric Holder, pardoned sixteen murderous FALN and Los Macheteros terrorists. The rest is history.

Holder spared no effort to free the murderers. When Bill Clinton and Eric Holder are dead, they will stop handing out peace and love and freedom to the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

You have won the Elect Obama Grand Prize! Eric Holder will be the Attorney General of the United States, if forger Obama becomes President.

You can rest assured that AG Eric Holder will make certain that terrorists get a fair break, meaning freedom to do what they want. Holder’s track record is here

Ha Ha – Compulsive Obama Defense Service

Rahm Emmanual heartily endorses Ruler Obama’s Mandatory Brown Shirt Corps

(You have to hear this to believe it).

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Shocker In Hawaii

Nobody can find the American hospital in which Obama was born!

Obama is a Natural Born Subject of Great Britain, however (presuming his father was indeed Barack Hussein Obama Senior, who certainly was subject of Great Britain)! How many of these, British subjects, have become President of the United States? If he does, Obama will be the first (since the founders, and their explicit, exquisite treatment of this specific issue in U.S. Constitution, Article 2 Section 1). If . .

Should I tell them?  No; they're dummies

Should I tell them?

. . nobody notices!

H/T: Hyscience

Great story on the Obama Conspiracy:

Now that we all understand that you can be born in Madagascar, Russia, Norway, Brazil or even Kenya like Obama and still have a REAL birth certificate that both Snopes and Factcheck would say was real since they are real. That doesn’t mean you were born in Hawaii. Does this matter to America?

Barack Obama has as of November 27th 2008 spent over$500,000 U.S. to prevent others from seeing it. Why? Didn’t he already win the vote?

. . . 

All of the people born in Korea, Kenya, Mongolia, Australia and who also have Hawaiian birth certificates also have REAL birth certificates.

This does not mean they were born in Hawaii. Get it?

EarthFrisk Blog – Shocker: Why Obama WILL NOT Be President in January

Natural Born UK Subject Not Talking

Rulers are important in foreign lands like Somalia, Kenya, and Libya.

Obama certainly conducts himself as a true Ruler; as he has stated, the US Constitution is beneath him. Ruler Obama has his own Ruler Obama Constitution; ratified by 57%.

Obama, don’t forget, was never a Muslim, according to his obviously flawed recollection.


Ruler Obama: I Am The Change

H/T: Obama Tells Worried Supporters He Is the Way, The Truth, and the Change Gateway Pundit
Story here

The Seduction of Economic Failure, IV

1987; still sounding good. Was this the last of it?

NO. Your Obama has major plans for CHANGE.

Spread the cash around, Obama. You are in charge. You decide who gets $, who gets $$. Much better than free market.

The Seduction Of Economic Failure, III

Here is the real tune; I admit it’s catchy.

Morons are still latching on to this shit, no matter how many 10s of millions of lives it destroyed.

Now you have latched on. So, enjoy the tune. It’s all you got.

The Seduction Of Economic Failure II

In case my intent was not clear

Paul Robeson, a REAL MAN compared to wimpy, skinny leg, Obama,

succumbed to the seduction of Marxism which failed shortly thererafter.

70 years later, we have Obama, succumbing to the seduction of Marxism, which failed 30 years ago.

I just wanted to clarify that.

Thank you.


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