Obama Poised To Be Flushed

Obama Poised To Be Flushed

Obama’s strong disapproval score is rapidly slipping into impeachment terrority; and his ass-tooting performance in negotiating a new debt limit is no small factor.

Obama has personally destroyed the budgeting procedure in America; and he has personally busted the banks, with massive record deficits that were unimaginable a few months ago.

Destruction of American industries, including the finest health care system in the world, destruction of the American economic system, and destruction of American liberties and free markets have already been accomplished by Obama.

Now Obama and his tax cheat Geithner parade around, conspicuously promising world banking that default by America on its massive loans taken out by Obama is now at hand.

Obama further threatens Americans that he will no longer write social security checks; unless he gets massive, unimaginable amounts of new cash to burn.

Impeachment of Obama is absolutely required if we are to save America and the greatest civilization the world has ever seen from Obama’s destructive impulses.

Impeach Obama now; and when we are done, bury Obama in small pieces spread across the Indian Ocean; for the safety of all nations.


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