Platform Details – 2012

1. Erase ObamaCare
2. Term Limits – 72 weeks for senators; 60 weeks for congresscritters
3. Repeal 16th ammendment (which was never duly authorized anyway)
4. Reformation of government “retirement” benefits (ZERO for them).
5. TERMINATE department of HEW or whatever it is now become
6. TERMINATE department of Energy
7. Establish minimum IQ requirements for TV journHOLEists -> must be higher than 36
8. Conservative Talk Radio will be subsidized 100%

Or we could just disband the whole disfunctional unit. Fine with me.

Further suggestions are welcome.


Presidential Endorsements

Various tinhorn slicksters are still maneuvering, dithering, diddling and swapping BS – but the superior nominees are already in the race, and happen to be doing great. Since Sarah Palin has been voraciously attacked continuously by journHOLEists and other stupids on both left and right, we do not include her among the uncertain candidates. Enough fanfare; here are Porcupine Rim’s presidential nominees for 2012. If you are twiddling with the idea of gaining the Republican nomination for President vis-à-vis the 2012 election, or have announced your candidacy, and you’re not on this list, please go away.

1 – Michele Bachmann
2 – Sarah Palin
3 – Herman Cain

Obama’s Cousin Running for President – as Republican

Romney personally destroyed Massachusetts, fiscally. Romney is no economic solution to anything. He is another Obama; perhaps chosen by “Republicans” explicitly to complete Obama’s destruction of our Constitution, and thus of America. Ann Barnhardt summarizes this blog’s opinion of Romney completely and concisely, with not one word too many.

Thanks to: New Zeal

Amateur Exec Obama Stuffs His Channel

Channel stuffing is notorious among incompetent and criminal CFOs who demand to rig the books.

And incompetent, thy name is Obama! Government cannot run business, QED.

Following Doug Ross @ journal:

Deluxe Management - by Obama

More here: Craptastic: GM stuffs the dealer channel to pad sales numbers; Nissan Leaf “easily outsells” the Chevy Volt in May

Obama’s imam brother wants slaves

Wow, Obama, your “culture” is depraved! Good work in Egypt, moron.