Obama Funding Terrorism With Your Cash

Ladies and gentlemen, not only does arch-fiend (in all seriousness) Obama run guns to the Mexican drug cartels which terrorize North America, arch-fiend Obama also insists that America fund ZAKAT.

Rich Americans should PAY MORE TAX, so muslims can “fulfill ZAKAT” in the words of Obama.

You might be interested to know what ZAKAT is. Obama knows. You need to watch the excellent video below.

You may ask “why does Obama know what ZAKAT is?” Good question.

Since Obama was thoroughly indoctrinated as a muslim until he was 12 years old, Obama knows a lot about islam.

In fact, today Obama denies that he is a muslim; which means he is an apostate of islam. Please read up on this for yourselves.

Anyway, Obama has pretty much dumped everything and everybody he has become attached to in his life. Perhaps this says something about Obama – you be the judge.


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