Islamists Roll Obama in Egypt

Islamists have seized the revolution in Egypt, as any moron except Obama and Hillary could easily have predicted.

Hillary was certainly rolled; and Obama was rolled too, presuming Obama’s whole purpose of removing Mubarak was not to install Islamists in the first place. Come to think of it, Obama has done a fine job of installing Islamists in Libya too. If that truly is the case, then it was Obama who rolled Hillary.

Stunner. Radical Islamists Groups Are Gaining Stranglehold in Egypt

More here:

Radial Islamist groups gaining stranglehold in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest Islamic movement and the founder of Hamas, has set up a network of political parties around the country that eclipse the following of the middle class activists that overthrew the regime. On the extreme fringe of the Brotherhood, Islamic groups linked to al-Qeada are organising from the mosques to fill the vacuum left by the collapse of the dictatorship.

The military-led government already faces accusations that it is bowing to the surge in support for the Muslim movements, something that David Cameron warned of in February when he said Egyptian democracy would be strongly Islamic.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, warned on Sunday that the direction of Egyptian politics was anti-Israeli. He told diplomats last week that Egyptian officials – including Nabil al-Arabi, the foreign minister – were pandering to political militants by branding Israel as the “enemy”.

“I am very concerned over some of the voices we’ve been hearing from Egypt recently,” Mr Netanyahu said. “I’m especially concerned over the current Egyptian foreign minster’s statements.”


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