Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Hi, Donald,

I think you would make a GREAT president; and I would be very proud to vote for you.

You should be aware, however, that Obama is considered a “ROCK STAR” at Fox News.

Fox News’s Rupert Murdoch so designated Obama in 2008; since that proclamation, Obama’s crap is considered an exotic elixir among Fox News JournHOLEists, who search for it at night on the White House premises with advanced chemical sniffing equipment.

If you mess with Obama much more, Rupert Murdoch will probably castrate you.

For instance, Fox News has absolutely prohibited any publication concerning ROCK STAR Obama’s protégé/mentor relationship with home-grown terrorist Bill Ayers; and his convicted wife Bernardine Dohrn.

If you were to bring up the authorship of Obama’s celebrated (by Fox News) literary blockbuster triumph “Dreams of my Father” you may never be heard from, again.

Nonetheless, you might want to be aware of Ayer’s bald, multiply repeated admission that he wrote Obama’s book. In spite of Ayers’ admission, Fox News still considers Obama a literary genius of unprecedented proportion, or at least will have America think they do.

Maybe you can get Bill Ayers to write your memoirs.

Don, Fox News will NEVER HELP YOU DEFEAT OBAMA. Obama is their ROCK STAR and Marxist Bill Ayers is His saviour.

Much more here: Investigating Obama


One Response

  1. Mr. Trump,caught your roast on T V I think it was a bad idea on your part. You parting comment calling that idiot Jersey shore guy ,your (greasy friend) Will lose you a lot of Italian votes ,including mine. It was a real stupid move on your part. Theirs an old saying ,the higher the monkey gos up the poll the more you can see his ass. Your ass is showing big time ,& its you. Frank Noce Dallas TX.

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