Crusader Obama Throws Entire Mideast Into Turmoil

Obama provoked the overthrow of Egypt’s stable long time government (see Obama Throws Hand-Grenade into TinderBox). Now, the entire Mideast is boiling over, from Tunisia to Iran.

Has Crusader and Apostate of Islam Obama ignited the great nuclear holocaust?

What and when has Crusader Obama planned – or is he just stupider than dirt?

It’s no surprise at all that The Muslim Brotherhood has now seized control of the “revolution” started by Obama in Egypt.

In Libya, the rebel leader who will in all liklehood succeed Gadhafi, fought in Afghanistan AGAINST the United States, with the Islamists. Slick move, Obama.

Obama, The Last, Lost Crusader . . . What a complete moron. I guess by “change” he means igniting a global nuclear war.

Al Qaeda is thick as flies all over Libya and Yemen . . . and probably Tunisia. Crusader Obama has fixed things up so al Qaeda will probably run the show throughout the Mideast.

In Florida, they have shariah . . . so Obama could be beheaded . . . maybe he’ll visit there soon . . . great golf courses . . . perfectly legal . . . do we need a fatwah? Imam, can you help us out?

Muslims have had quite enough of Crusader Obama; beat him in effigy


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