Apostate, Crusader Obama’s Next Target: Syria

Apostate Obama’s khafir boots are already on the sacred Muslim grounds in Libya, laser designating Muslim targets for Apostate Obama to destroy from the air.

Islam should have grave concern about this dangerous apostate Obama; concern much greater than for any other apostate.

Apostate Obama fully intends to change the unchangeable in the Mideast; and he is doing it already.

Apostate Obama is taking Islam apart, piece by piece.

Apostate Obama’s minions have already selected the next target for Crusader Obama to change, in the world of Islam. Islam no longer controls its sacred lands; Crusader Obama does.

Gates calls for Syrian forces to move aside

By FT reporters

Published: March 24 2011 15:13 | Last updated: March 24 2011 21:59

The Syrian people should follow Egypt’s lead and the country’s army should “empower a revolution”, Robert Gates, US secretary of defence, said as thousands marched in a southern city.

Mr Gates made his comments – some of the toughest remarks to date by a US official about the rule of Bashar al-Assad, president – on a day of further upheaval in the Middle East and beyond.

Drawing a parallel between the unrest in Syria and the protests that unseated Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former president, Mr Gates said: “I’ve just come from Egypt, where the Egyptian army stood on the sidelines and allowed people to demonstrate and in fact empowered a revolution. The Syrians might take a lesson from that.”

His comments came as thousands of people marched on Thursday in Deraa, southern Syria, where at least 44 people are now thought to have been killed in a week of protests, and as Mr Assad announced salary increases and promised greater freedom.

“I would say that what the Syrian government is confronting is in fact the same challenge that faces so many governments across the region, and that is the unmet political and economic grievances of their people,” Reuters quoted Mr Gates as saying during a trip to Israel.

The Obama administration as a whole has been careful to avoid the language of regime change when dealing with the Middle East and it was not clear if the White House shared Mr Gates’ sentiments.


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