Hillary Steps In Front Of Apostate Obama

Michelle: Get that CRACKER OUT, you moron!

While ROCK STAR* and Apostate** Obama is dancing the night away in Rio, Hillary is cutting deals with the French to restore their oil supply, and with the UN to invade yet another Arab/Islamic domain.

Who is wearing the pants in the White House, anyway?

One can project Hillary will be going under the bus by about July, if she lasts that long. One can only hope the rest of the disastrous Obama Administration will go with her.

Apostate Obama, narcissist-in-chief, will be stuck defending the price of oil by himself.

Live blogging the Apostate Obama war on Islam,
— Porcupine Rim

*According to Rupert Murdoch, Obama is a ROCK STAR. ROCK STARs make good presidents.
** Apostate of Islam

Update: 26-Mar 2011:


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