Apostate Obama FORGETS To Kill Gadhafi

Probably we can forgive Apostate Obama for skipping a few details.

Apostate Obama will have all Arabs so mad at him, gasoline prices in the US will go to $10 per gallon!

Apostate Obama is pleased that Americans have grown rich during his stewardship of the economy; and should experience no problems.

NEXT: Apostate Obama will screw things up with Russia.

Live blogging Apostate Obama’s war against Islam,
Porcupine Rim

Defiant Gadhafi Vows ‘Long War’ and Taunts West: Bring it On!
A defiant Moammar Gadhafi vowed a “long war” after the U.S. and European militaries blasted his forces with airstrikes and over 100 cruise missiles early Sunday, hitting air defenses and at least two major air bases and shaking the Libyan capital with explosions and anti-aircraft fire.

Full Story

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