Obama Thugs Get All-Clear For Violent Coercion

And who would give such an all-clear? Why, the unions themselves, of course.

Union-Controlled NLRB Approves Union Thuggery in Union Elections

Under the National Labor Relations Act, employees are presumably free to choose to unionize or not to unionize free from coercion or interference. In previous cases, the National Labor Relations Board had considered threats (even by third parties) enough cause for an election to be overturned. This was the case even recently:

Under NLRB precedent, the third party standard for determining if an election should be overturned is threatening behavior that makes a free choice in an election impossible through a general atmosphere of fear or reprisal.

The company charged several instances of union supporters threatening other employees with bodily harm and damage to their property if they crossed picket lines. In total, there were about 30 employees who had either been threatened or learned of the threats.

Unbelievably, on Friday, the union-controlled NLRB ruled that threats of physical violence by pro-union supporters is not coercive.

More here: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2011/03/outstanding-national-labor-relations.html


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