Obama Dithers Through Vast Human Crisis in Libya

Update, March 6: Obama golfing! 60th outing . . .

Terrorist Gadhafi, who thinks Obama should be US president for life, need not fear a Reaganesque surgical strike from the current US administration.

Obama calls himself “the Gipper,” but the hastily contrived similarity ends there.

Gadhafi is only a terrorist, because Obama’s colonialistic America made him that way.

So, thousands of Libyans are dying and being crippled, with millions displaced, while Obama reminisces about the swell Gadhafi he remembers.

Wasn’t Obama the master of every crisis? I guess maybe he WAS.

via: Three million people could be displaced by the violence in Libya

Food, Water weapons in Libya crisis

“We may be facing a historic human tragedy,” Josette Sheeran, executive director of the World Food Program (WFP), said Tuesday as she toured a border crossing between Tunisia and Libya that has been swamped with 15,000 refugees a day. Other UN agencies and international groups say Libya may already be on the brink of a catastrophe.

The World Health Organization says the health situation inside the country is “precarious;” aid agencies warn its food supply chain is “at risk of collapsing;” and Britain’s Save the Children Fund says up to one million children trapped in the capital Tripoli and western Libya are in danger of becoming war victims.

Things could get worse if Col. Gaddafi’s troops try to cut off food to opposition-held cities and towns. They have already attempted to bomb some of the huge pipelines that carry water to Libya’s main cities from aquifers buried deep beneath the Sahara Desert, hundreds of kilometres south of the populated Mediterranean coast.

The WFP was rushing assessment teams to Benghazi in opposition-controlled eastern Libya Wednesday to determine if the port can be used for emergency food deliveries.

The Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Charlottetown also set sail from Halifax on a six-day voyage to join a U.S.-led naval task force off the coast, where it will help in any humanitarian mission.


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