Maintenance Man Obama Fixes Up Crumbling Mosques Around the World

Obama found a job he can do. But is he fueling more exciting jihad against New York and Washington?

Obama is sprucing up mosques around the world; although this activity may not be transparent to US taxpayers OR voters.

But do the muslims like an apostate fixing up their mosques? I have my doubts. Check out the vid.

Since Obama was an intensely practicing muslim from ages 6 to 10 (approximately) in Indonesia; he surely is an apostate of Islam, since he today states he is Christian.

Imagine an apostate fixing up mosques to fill out his legacy. That should be quick.

The fun part is, Obama’s mosque repair fund runs up to $100s of MILLIONS. Don’t you wish you had that kind of money to fix foreign mosques?

More here: Moonbattery Hundreds of $Millions of US Taxpayer Money Spent to Refurbish Foreign Mosques


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