US Government Auto Biz SUCKS

Go ahead, laugh if you want. It’s your grandchildren’s money that Obama is absolutely burning, to learn the auto manufacturing business!

Except Obama knows it all already. Obama has always known it.

And if Obama can succeed in “skyrocketing” oil prices YOU STILL WON’T WANT A CHEVY VOLT. No matter how much of your grandchildren’s cash Obama steals to subsidize it.

Good news: GM sold 281 Chevy Volts last month

Peruse Chevrolet’s February sales release, and you’ll notice one number that’s blatantly missing: the number of Chevy Volts sold. The number – a very modest 281 – is available in the company’s detailed data (PDF), but it certainly isn’t something that GM wants to highlight, apparently. Keeping the number quiet is a bit understandable, since it’s lower than the 321 that Chevy sold in January…

Ouch. The big questions, of course, revolve around one word: “Why?” Is ramping up production and deliveries still a problem? Is demand weak? Are unscrupulous dealers to blame? When will sales start to climb? And what are these numbers doing to plug-in vehicle work at other automakers?

Welcome to the USSR.


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