Somebody Explain to Obama What a Job Is

However, it will take a 2×4.

Obama Starts Off 2011 With a Whopper: “I Am Committed to Creating Jobs”

Fool us once – Shame on you. Fool us twice – Shame on us.

Our New Year present from Obama is another lie (now how could that happen?) The journHOLEists don’t quite pick up on it, though.

Who said anything about “strengthening the middle class” in the election, Obama.

The ideological baggage you carry overrides and overarches any chance that you might actually help the economy create jobs.

The sad truth is showing, Obama. “Strengthening the middle class” is weak code for redistributing wealth, isn’t it?

What real job have you had, Obama? You do not know what a job is. Or else, you don’t like jobs (bingo).

The time is NOW to run this lameo Marxist out, on a rail.

(Has Biden ever had a job? Not worth checking).


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