Clear Enemies of the US Constitution

Committed, outspoken enemies of the US Constitution are the greatest threat to the American way of life, American civil success, and American exceptionality.

But even “progressives,” some of whom clearly are frothing at the mouth to return to pre-Constitutional times (more than 200, not 100 years ago!), who have sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution out of one side of their mouths, assure us from the other side of their mouths that the US Constitution reflects “deep flaws” in American culture, represents “a nagging problem,” “a moral problem,” and reflects “an enormous blind spot that carries on until this day” and “reflected the fundamental flaw of America that continues to this day.”

These “progressives” are obviously intent that the US Constitution should have been designed by liars such as themselves.

As of today, the progressives are in control; the US Government is no longer constrained by virtually any aspect of the United States Constitution.

Like Ezra Klein, they joke about it.

Persistent refusal to carry out the oath of office, once sworn, surely amounts to a “misdemeanor” at least.


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