Obama Success: Skyrocketing Gasoline Prices

YES, Obama has another success in his Marxist pogroms for America.

America has enslaved the rest of the world for too long by seizing oil at bargain prices.

Gasoline is now tipping $3; when Obama took office, it was well under $2.

America is the cause of all world poverty.

Obama has put an end to cheap oil; world poverty and American colonialism will soon be in our past, thanks to Obama.

Obama has dealt a blow to global warming, too. Parts of England set record low temperatures last week not seen since 16591772.

http://www.accuweather.com/ukie/bastardi-europe-blog.asp (Joe Bastardi, Dec. 10 post)

It’s been pointed out to me that one of the facts I have given you is wrong.

When I said it’s been the second 1st-8th December on CET record, with records starting in 1659, that was wrong. Whilst monthly CET records do indeed begin in 1659, the daily data only begins in 1772.”

So it appears that we can only confirm this was the coldest since 1772. I am sure that will warm the cockles of all your hearts.

When was 1772; was that in the Dalton Sunspot Minimum?

Watch the whole video (below); I guarantee it’s worth it!


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