Palling Around With Terrorists

Terrorists Obama Pals Around With

Bernardine Dohrn is far from the only terrorist Obama pals around with. There is a PHONE BOOK of such terrorists with whom Obama pals around. Rashid Kahlidi (pictured above) is another example; but there are hundreds, if not thousands, including head weatherman terrorist himself, Bill Ayers, Dohrn’s fiance.

The United States is “the beast” to Obama and every one of his associates; as Dorhrn annunciates with crystal clarity in the video. Terrorist Obama is POTUS, because evil conservatives control media.

It is radical left journHOLEists, who are practically terrorists themselves, who control media in America, an obvious and indisputable fact.

Saw it at New Zeal


3 Responses

  1. Sheesh, I guess the Tea Parties blew up all kinds of things and people with bombs….Oh wait! That was HER!!!!

  2. ah yes Hussein and his gang of thieves..sigh.

  3. […] an incredible post on Democracy and Conservatives. Political Realities has Schools and searches. Porcupine Rim has a terrorist accusing us of being terrorists. Randy’s Roundtable presents the 66% want to cut federal payroll. Yup, they’ll listen to […]

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