Obama Confronts Slavery In America

Obama’s main duty is to confront slavery in America, and to confront dastardly American colonialism.

He claims to be a progressive.

Let me be clear: The history of Marxist failure, Obama does not know. The history of health care in Massachusetts, Canada, the United Kingdom, Cuba, and the USSR, Obama DOES NOT KNOW. The history behind the US Constitution Obama does not know. The history of the United States, the greatest nation in all human history by almost any measure, Obama does not know. What Obama does know is the history of American colonialism, and the history of slaves in America. Obama DOES NOT KNOW the history of black African slaves owned by Arabs; which is ongoing today. About those slaves, Obama does not care; they are slaves TODAY – SAME AS THEY HAVE BEEN FOR 1000 YEARS!

Other than psychiatric illness, what the hell would make anyone want this jackass to be President of the United States?

Via Moonbattery Manchurian Moonbat Denounces America, Praises Other Countries


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