Obama’s Planned Insurance, Health Layoffs Begin

The layoffs Obama has been carefully planning in the health and health insurance industries are now well underway, and gaining momentum.The unemployed (if they survive) will eventually get jobs in the ObamaCare administration at twice the pay, where they will do one-tenth the work. This will reduce the cost of health care again and also reduce the national spending deficit, reasons Obama.

Obama knows journalists will blame the economy on Bush, just like Obama does. He can even destroy the economy if he wants (and he very much wants to destroy free market capitalism; look at his record) and still win elections, with the media, the unions, and ACORN in his pocket. Economic destruction only means another lucrative crisis opportunity for Obama to manipulate, so he can change America (making more crises).

Read about the next wave of layoffs Obama has caused – cutbacks in health and health insurance at Doug Ross @ Journal.

Good News: Obama Summer of Recovery Continues as Insurance Companies Begin Mass Layoffs Thanks to DemCare


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  1. health insurance should only be taken from reputable companies, you really don’t want to get it from fly-by-night companies ,”*

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