Obama’s State Religion – Islam

Freedom of Islam is unshakable, in the Obama administration.

Christmas displays take heed. “Merry Christmas” is an affront to Islam, and an affront to Obama. Mosques, everywhere, but Christmas displays, nowhere.

American taxpayers DO pay to build mosques on every continent, and transport at gratis the most radical imams to this terrorist enclave, or that.

The only sacraments of Islam are the IED and the dehumanization of females.

But freedom of RELIGION is unshakable? For Islam of course and – isn’t it clear why.

Islam is Obama’s state religion.

Obama eschews the US Constitution and the American way of life – he surely must have a state religion, too. Voila.

Doug Ross @ Journal: Obama Defends Ground Zero Mosque

The imam in question has endorsed the implementation of Sharia law in the United States. By his own admission then, the brand of Islam he wishes to practice is not a religion — it is a political system.

Sharia law is a legal system that completely rejects the Constitution and the American form of government. Thus, there is absolutely no “separation of church and state” issue.

3,000 souls were murdered by Islamists in the name of their political religion on 11 September 2001. Tens of thousands of innocents have perished since then — killed in beheadings, stonings, executions, hangings, beatings, floggings, suicide bombings and more.

All were murdered in the name of a political system that adopts the guise of a religion.

But as with health care and the economy, President Obama doesn’t care what you or I think. Facts, logic, reason and history play no part in his “decision-making”. Only ideology matters with this particular breed of hard-left Democrats.


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