Miracle: Obama Speaks Without Lying

Of course not; you got me. The person telling the truth was certainly NOT Obama.

Uganda Bomber Says He Is a Peace-loving Person Who Only Wanted to Kill Americans

The racist Uganda bombers responsible for killing 79 people at a World Cup Soccer party cried as they appeared in court this week.

Obama, the new titular head of terrorists, might as well have said:

“I am very sorry for the loss of life. I was hesitant to pick on Ugandans. My target was the Americans, who I think are responsible for the suffering in the world. I am very sorry to the people, who knew me,” Issa Luyima, described as the mastermind of the blasts, said without emotion.

“I am a peace-loving person but that is the nature of war. It has got many dimensions,” he asserted.

Yes, your Obama thinks Americans are responsible for the suffering in the world, from South Africa, to Poland to Hiroshima. Raila Odinga is Obama’s hero!

Did Obama forget to mention his little problem?


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