Fatal Bargain With Obama

America's Fatal Bargain

Obamacare provides for a “Health” secretary.

As in all things Obama, the name is the precise antonym of the function.

The Health secretary, carefully considering budgetary requirements, will decide when you have had enough Obamacare.

Hell, I’ve already had enough.

IN GENERAL.-The Secretary shall establish a Community-

Based Care Transitions Program under which the Secretary provides funding to eligible entities that furnish improved care transition services to high-risk Medicare beneficiaries…


Medicare beneficiary” means a Medicare beneficiary who has attained a minimum hierarchical condition category score, as determined by the Secretary, based on a diagnosis of multiple chronic conditions or other risk factors associated with a hospital readmission or substandard transition into post-hospitalization care, which may include 1 or more of the following:

(A) Cognitive impairment.

(B) Depression.

(C) A history of multiple readmissions.

(D) Any other chronic disease or risk factor as determined by the Secretary.

To clarify, the above provision gives the Health Secretary the discretion to remove life-extending treatment from the reach of seniors and place them in state wards for the purposes of making the “transition” to death as painless* as possible. This “transition” can be activated for virtually any reason, including “a history of multiple readmissions” or “risk factor.” Both of these qualifiers describe more than half the country . . .

The hellish story is here: The Deadly Pact: How ObamaCare will ‘Save’ Money

*Painless for Obama


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