Missouri Blasts Obamacare

Government wants the power to decide what health care you can have, and when you can get it. Government knows better than doctors, even in the details of how health care is rendered.

No; I am wrong – government has already arrogantly seized this power, in the face of clear and overwhelming opposition among Americans, and in clear violation of the US Constitution.

We had the finest health care system in the world; now we have another bureaucratic nightmare and grim prospects for the future of medicine and patients alike. Success was too good for us, says government.

Missouri voters, historically a litmus test, have sent another strong signal to the US government; which government has not been listening, and considers itself far above constitutional control or the control of the electorate.

Other states will soon follow.

The response from Obama’s minions? Missouri voters are just not informed! “People “don’t realize” how beneficial the “mandate” for health care will be.”

Beneficial to who? ACORN?

It won’t benefit doctors or patients in general; nor will it benefit taxpayers. It will all but destroy medical research, in which field America has long lead the world. No more. Consider the smashing success of government health care “mandate” in Massachusetts, if you are unwilling to consider the disastrous performance of NHS, and here, the National Health Service of the UK, which is the model for Obamacare.

71% of Missourians are dead set against Obamacare; but its authors are breaking their arms patting themselves on the back!

The leadership in Washington DC is now highly toxic, in the balance.

Claire McCaskill Lectures Missouri On Misguided Prop C Vote: “People Don’t Realize How Beneficial the Mandate For Health Care Will Be”

What could be more clear - we don't want it.


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