Obama’s Ally Murders 10 Western Aid Workers in Afghanistan

Obama is not at war with the Taliban. The Taliban has been removed from the Obama administration’s list of terrorist threats.

Obama thinks the Taliban should be included in the future government of Afghanistan; or he SAYS it should; and Obama is a very articulate man.

That is why our sons and daughters are in serious jeopardy in Afghanistan. The ally of our enemy is our own commander-in-chief.

Obama wants to cozy up with Taliban, because Taliban know how to treat women, and Obama lives in a houseful of women. (Hey, who knows what he’s thinking?)

Taliban just murdered 10 western aid workers in Afghanistan. But I have seen Taliban kill innocents often, and you have. This is business as usual, when it comes to the Taliban. Obama’s little buddies.

Obama has been building an alliance with Taliban, I guess he forgot to tell Taliban.

Any enemy of greedy cracker capitalist jew Americans can find a friend in the White House.

At least I can say this for sure: Obama’s strategy to make the Taliban into allies has fallen far short of the goal.

Now that’s a damned shame for the 10 western aid workers who are murdered.

Will Obama change his plan? Not a chance. American military under Obama’s command is at serious, unnecessary, risk; because Obama is unwilling to know his enemy (basic principle from Sun Tzu, “The Art of War.)”

When Obama displays weakness to America’s enemies, as he is wont to do, he makes them stronger. In a ruse, it could be a good strategy. But America’s enemies know well that Obama is a weak leader.

Gunmen Kill Medical Aid Workers in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Their last meal was a picnic in the forest in the Sharrun Valley, high in the Hindu Kush mountains of northern Afghanistan, as they were on their long way home.The group — a medical aid team of six Americans, a Briton, a German and four Afghans — had just finished eating when they were accosted by gunmen with long red beards, the local police said.

The gunmen marched the aid workers into the forest, stood 10 of them in a straight line, 7 men and 3 women, and shot them. The police found their bodies on Friday, the Badakhshan Province police chief, Gen. Aqa Noor Kentoz, said Saturday.

The Taliban claimed responsibility, accusing the group of being spies and Christian missionaries.

The killings, the largest massacre of aid workers in Afghanistan in recent years, vividly demonstrated the increasing insecurity in the northern part of the country, well outside the Taliban’s base, and the Taliban claim added to fears that the insurgency has turned even more vicious recent months.


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