Obama Destroys Another 131000 Jobs

Obama is the expert in job creation, although he has never had a job.

Suckah advocates increasing taxes on January 1. Suckah says he has created or saved 32.5 Billion jobs. Suckah said he would not increases taxes one dime.

If you were a small business operator, would you bet to have more, or less cash on hand in February of 2011? Duh.

My thinking is, that small business operators will generally hold off on hiring until sometime AFTER February of 2011. With taxes going up, they will also be more likely to consider layoffs. Now. And that’s what they have been doing!

February of 2011 is the absolute earliest they will consider hiring, is precisely my meaning, given political conditions today.

Thank you Obama for destroying another 131,000 jobs in the month of July. We needed that.


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