Worst Case of Voter Intimidation Ever

What is racism?

Hey, white devil, you’ll see what it is like to be ruled by the black man.

For one thing, voter intimidation cases against New black Panthers, or anybody who is black, won’t be prosecuted by the civil rights division of the Obama DOJ.

Even when the case is “the worst case of voter intimidation EVER.”

An elected government official (Philadelphia) and New Black Panther physically restrained voters from entering a polling place. ASTOUNDING. The Obama administration will not finish the prosecution of this case; already won? What is racist? What is justice? What is voter intimidation? There is no LAW in effect; there is only racism in control. We don’t have law; we have racism. Like the Obama administration negates the constitution, as it negates the requirement to provide a border for the United States, it now negates voting rights laws selectively by race of the perpetrator.

Here is a clue for Journalists: This is racism, pure and simple; please write this on your hand. The Obama administration is racist. The tea party is not racist. Megyn Kelley is earning my respect, however; but even she will in a few days associate racism with the tea party; it may be stupid, but they all do it. Here is a lesson in racism, taught by Megyn Kelley; now she will forget her own lesson, when convenient. Maybe not; we’ll have to see.

Much more at The Black Sphere: Putting Racism Back Where it Belongs: On The Left


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