Julian Assange Contacted Obama Before Leaks

Julian sought Obama’s advice; or so he told Fox News.

We hear that Obama has now REQUESTED (no stuff) that Julian Assange hold off on his future plans for “leaks.” A bit late, Obama; and otherwise, a bit weak. Just a touch weak, even for a community organizer.

With man-caused disasters like Obama, America does not need terrorists.

Bombshell Video: Wikileaks contacted Obama Admin. before release of documents but got no response

[…]When asked by Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News why he should not be held responsible for
potential deaths caused by the leak, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, answered that he
contacted the White House about the leaks before they were released and asked them to review them.
The White House’s response?


They were too busy golfing, partying with Paul McCartney and spending the summer vacationing.
In subsequent email conversations Assange’s people clarified that they sought this response through the
New York Times.[…]


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