The Horror; The Horror

The horror of socialism is real. But it is only real in history, and history is easily adjusted, or erased from the knowledge base of new Marxists.

But I am naive.

The new Marxists know absolutely and fully what socialism requires; they know precisely and in detail how socialism has performed everywhere and every time.

The new Marxists do not see the horror; they see only the new man they propose to create. Change. Do you know what it means? It could mean a lot more than you think. Have any “new men” have been created, so far? How many human beings must be starved, and buried alive, before the first “new man” is created?

What “change” really means is creating a new man; and no cost, no horror, no genocide, is too dear.

And obviously, there is no “new man” coming.

Socialism Laid Bare – The Soviet Story

Genocide in Ukraine – Holodomor

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