Profile In Cowardice

Obama instructs ACORN on principles of strongarming banks, election fraud

Debriefing on racist Shirley Sherrod: Obama fired this woman on the spot without any process, any hearing, any investigation, because of what Obama thought Glenn Beck was GOING TO DO; but Glenn Beck never did it. Our journolists are giving Obama a pass on his act of supreme cowardice. Shirley Sherrod’s racism is what Obamachange is all about. Obama was elected by Shirley Sherrod and her racial anger. Obama is an angry black man; but he can’t take a minute to investigate whether to stand behind Shirley Sherrod or not.

Friendship, or alliance with Obama is becoming a dangerous place, in many ways and for many reasons, not the least of which is Obama’s cowardice.

Our journolists, true to form, are ignoring this immense faux pas on the part of Obama.

Obama is earning himself a place in history. Probably in Kenyan history.

Obama’s wife says he is a Kenyan.


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