Obama Plots Largest Tax Increase In History, January 1 2011

Obama wants more cash to spread around; he has not spread around enough cash yet. Obama will NEVER have spread around enough cash.

So, your taxes are going up, and Obama lied. Obama is pulling out all the stops to get this tax increase for cash to spread around. That should encourage small business to expand hiring plans. Obama is a genius, according to journolists. I didn’t know geniuses lied so much.

Taxes will SKYROCKET on January 1. Obama likes the idea of SKYROCKETING costs for small business and greedy Americans. Obama is an expert in creating jobs, he says. Obama would also like to SKYROCKET energy costs for Americans. SKYROCKETING costs is what Obama is all about. After Obama SKYROCKETS costs for business, business will have a lot more cash to hire (not).

Obama is holding a huge sledgehammer, and in January, he is going to POUND the economy and POUND America. Greedy Americans will learn a lesson from Obama. Obama’s Marxist mentor Bill Ayers is ROFL. Obama is holding a sickle in his other hand.


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