American Liberties Are Negative

Freedom of speech, liberty, life, the pursuit of happiness – this distinguished lecturer identifies as “negative liberties.”

The founders irrationally bestowed only negative liberties on America. That explains the economic failure of this culture, compared to say the gloriously successful Pakistan or Kenya and particularly io the perennial meat grinder of humanity, The People’s Red China.

Human deprivation is severely concentrated in the culture of negative liberties; not in Pakistan or in The People’s Red China.

Hard work, brilliant creativeness, persistence, and personal sacrifice, are really negative determiners of economic reward.

The truly responsible determiners of economic reward are the distinguished lecturers, who have thought about all this carefully.

They had a lot of time to think about it, because they never had a job.

A positive liberty always provides precisely that the distinguished lecturer allocates the economic reward, according to his own vagarious requirements.

E.g. he can fly his dog around in jets; among other benefits.


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