Young Genius Lectures American Capitalists

Obama thinks he is an economist!

The prioities really are, as stated by Obama – crumbling schools, energy independence(!), free health care; repair roads and bridges(!); the priority is other than jobs (like today, 18 months later). If the priority was jobs, Obama would be encouraging small business to GROW instead of encouraging it to CONTRACT. Today, Obama is stopping at no crime to prevent job creation by small business capitalists.

Alas, Obama has not the first clue where a job comes from – after all, he never had a job. The contraction of small business continues, encouraged strongly by Obama’s sinister threats to the free market environment which made America great.

Oh, pardon me – Obama was a community organizer in Saul Alinsky’s Chicago. That’s a job, right?

All the distinguished advisers in the world can not help Obama.


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