Government Will Change You

Obama vacations where he wants; eats what he wants; and uses a government jet to fly his dog if he wants

Relax, though. Obama is not the one who needs to change. It is you who needs to change. And your BMI (“Body Mass Index”) is now crucial in government; just like how many gold coins you purchased is key government information. Obama’s government will know everything – that is unimportant to its Constitutionally defined mission – about you. Obama’s government will spend whatever it takes to respond to your BMI and change you as indicated.

Regardless of the fact that BMI (“Body Mass Index”) has been debunked as a single indicator of obesity, Obama’s government plans to use it as one. Not only that, Obama’s government will use BMI to plan your personal (rationed) government health care program. Do you need government education to reduce your caloric intake or balance your diet? Obama will decide by carefully examining the nearly meaningless statistic, your BMI. The training camps are being readied . . .

To get a better understanding of just how stupid the BMI is as a measure of the fitness of a particular individual consider the following:

■In 2005, the Associated Press did a study and found that half of the players in the NBA were “overweight” based on their BMI.

■The Journal of the American Medical Association did a study that found that half of the players n the NFL were “overweight” based on their BMI.

■Hollywood movie stars such as George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Denzel Washington are all considered overweight based on their BMI.

■Kobe Bryant is classified as “overweight” and Shaquille O’Neal is “obese”.
If you still think the Body-Mass Index is a meaningful measure of fitness, a few minutes listening to Keith Devlin of Stanford University should erase any lingering doubts. Appearing with Scott Simon on NPR’s Weekend Edition, Devlin notes that the BMI classifies as overweight the most fit people in our society including Devlin himself, an avid cyclist who logs over 200 miles a week on his bike and has a 32 inch waist.

This and more from here: New Rochelle Board of Education Celebrates “Body-Mass Index Scam”

Much more here: Wonder Why the Government Likes BMI as a Measurement of Obesity?

Uninformed, and gullible Americans thought Obama was going to change Washington; and change Wall Street. HA. Washington is the same; and while a few industries have been destroyed thoughtlessly and reflexively, recently by Obama’s government, Wall Street is the same. Like in Nazi Germany, the capitalist infrastructure is a necessity for Obama’s mission to change you. The stated need for change applies to you, first and foremost. Get ready.

Government is the fixture (except it must be very much larger); humanity is the variable to be operated upon. Our unfortunate reality today is a “deus-ex-Obama” government-designed play of scientific and economic and social incompetence! This has been tried before:

Authoritarians Target Our Bellies

Under the milder (although also economically devastating) socialist dictatorship of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the government began confiscating money from some to pay others not to plant crops. In over two centuries, the most crippling blow ever inflicted on our Constitution by the statist thugs it was written to protect us against was when the 10th Amendment was effectively repealed by FDR’s stooges on the Supreme Court in the Wickard v. Filburn case, which determined that the Commerce Clause enables the federal government to dictate what food you can grow on your own land for your own consumption.

This has been tried before AROUND THE WORLD on several continents with catastrophic costs in terms of human lives. But Obama told us he was only an amateur historian!

Governments are rank amateurs when it comes to writing affordable mortgages; running government-sponsored enterprises; oversight of oil drilling; and dispensing health care. But they don’t know it yet. BMI is a another thoughtlessly designed government scam with which Obama will now victimize you. What could be next? Eugenics? Eugenicists already populate Obama’s cabinet.


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